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Perler Bead Art
by Catie Hughes

- Council Bluffs, Iowa -

Catie Hughes and her servce dog Rhianna.tif

Catie Hughes

About Me

Hi everyone. My name is Catie. I am in my 30s. I have Cerebral Palsy and use a power wheelchair full time. I have a service dog her name is Rhianna. I like to be outside and listening to country music.


What started as something fun to do and an answer to boredom turned into something I realized I am good at. I love to create things using Perler beads.


I really enjoy helping people and seeing them happy. So when family and friends started asking me to make pieces for them, I was excited to do it. Seeing people happy when they receive their finished pieces gives me joy, which is why I do this.

Take a look around the site to see what kind of pieces I do.  If anything you see sparks an idea, get in touch and I'll see if I can create it for you!

How do Perler Beads Work?

Step 1

I find or make a pattern that I want to use to make the beadwork from. If the piece I am working on is for a customer, they chose which pattern they like best from the options I give them.

Step 2

Someone in my family, usually my sister, gets the bead colors that I need for the project out and helps set up my workspace.

Step 3

I make the beadwork by following the pattern on my IPad and placing the beads on the pegboards. This step takes several days.

Step 4

Once I am done making the picture then my sister tapes the project using masking tape. This holds the beads in place so that it can be flipped over and the pegboards can be taken off.

Step 5

My mom puts wax paper over the project and irons it so the beads melt together. That is how the art stays together.

Step 6

Once the piece is cool. My mom takes the masking tape off and frames it. When a project is framed the unmelted side is what people see!

How I do the Beadwork

How I do the Beadwork

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How we Tape the Artwork

How we Tape the Artwork

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